Tax Collector's Office

Extended Base due date for Real Extate Taxes 2020

The Office of Tax Collector

The Township Tax Collector’s office provides: (a) Township citizens and property owners with a central location for paying local and County real estate taxes each year, (b) assistance with tax related services and information, and (c) financial management of tax resources collected to support the Township. Taxes collected by the Tax Collector’s Office are forwarded to the Township to pay bills and to support Township services and functions.


To provide efficient, accurate and professional tax information and services to the taxpayers of Manheim Township.


The Tax Collector’s Office is responsible for coordinating the collection of tax payments and submitting these funds to the County and Township. Each property owner in the Township is mailed a county and municipal tax bill by March 1st of each year. The Tax Collector’s Office coordinates the collection of these taxes with Township citizens, property owners, mortgage companies or banks. Upon collection, the Tax Collector forwards collected taxes to the County and Township Treasurers for the appropriate funds that they support (e.g. Township General Fund, Fire Services Tax Fund, General Capital Reserve Fund).

Tax payment information is required in nearly every real estate transaction or refinancing. The Tax Collector’s Office also assists property owners with tax related questions and provides information to buyers and sellers, real estate agents and title search companies regarding the status of taxes. This information may include items such as:

  • Receipt of payment information,
  • Certification of taxes owed on property,
  • Duplicate tax bills, and/or
  • Duplicate tax payment receipts.

If you’ve experienced a change of address, please click on the link below, print the form, complete it and file it with the Assessment Office.

Change of Address Form (PDF)

Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program

Manheim Township does not have a process to reduce real estate taxes for senior citizens. However, the State of Pennsylvania does offer a Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program which assists in rental or property tax costs in the form of a rebate on rent or property taxes paid during the previous year. Call #1-800-362-2050 for more information or an application. This program is funded by the PA Lottery and administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. Assistance completing the application is available by appointment at the Office of Aging, Community Action Program offices, and many state legislators’ offices. You may want to also contact the Manheim Township School District Tax Office as well.