Township Budget

The annual Township budget is coordinated and prepared by the Finance Department and the Township Manager in accordance with the requirements of the PA First Class Township Code. In Manheim Township, the budgeting process typically begins in late July and ends in November/December.

Budgeting Goal

The goal of the Township Budget process is to comprehensively evaluate the Township's financial status and present this information in a manner that will facilitate understanding by Township citizens and the government organization. The document presents management's assessment of issues and services, a plan for allocating financial resources to address these issues and provides public services to the community in the short and long term.

Following the preparation of the Township Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and the separate operating and fund budgets that allocate Township financial resources, it is the final responsibility of the Board of Commissioners to formally approve the annual budget in November/December for implementation in the coming fiscal year. The budget is tentatively approved and open to the public in early November, and finally approved in December. Here is the proposed 2021 Budget after its presentation to the Board of Commissioners during their November 9, 2020 Meeting.

2021 Budget